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You know what they say...one riot, one ranger
But I'm not that ranger. And this here's my riot.

Greetings from Cybersilence!

I've read (and in true slacker fashion) but not yet responded to Chemm80's shoutout into the void...and figured I would reply back via a post.

Yes, maintaining a RL and a fandom is hard....especially when you don't post much about your RL and the fandom has become a bit....straggley?  Spreadout?  I still love SPN but it consumes less brain space now (maybe a good thing).  No fandom has taken its place though - SPN is and has always been the first place I met and fell in love with fangirls and guys and all the insanity that takes place between the lines of lovely fic and art that is produced.

I'm trying to write original screenplays in RL.  Trying to gear up for a noir....which I'm not sure I can do - I love to read noir but my own voice seems to be a bit too perky for that!

Anyway...along those lines...can anyone think of a reason that someone would WANT to be robbed...but would NOT consider going to the police or insurance company?  I would love that as a plot point....but I'm just not able to come up with a motivating factor ..... shows my life of walking the white line :)  I did think of an SPN reason - it is a CURSED object...but I need a non-SPN reason - even if it was fun imagining Dean and Sam showing up to return the object to the ungrateful owner....

I hope everyone is doing well - and I'm goign to try to be more proactive on posting (maybe that will be this year's birthday resolution - get better about the journal!)

Hello to everyone, and until next time,

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